Computer technology surrounds us; from mobile phones to digital phones to digital cameras, and hybrid vehicles to laser surgery, we achieve results that would be impossible without computers and the Internet. With this advancement in the Technology, threats of internet and computer also reaching to the innocent users in the shape of bullying and online abuse.

Cyberbullying Pakistan is a project of – Pakistan’s Smartest Education Portal working to tackle the all kind of bullying and online abuse. Through education and the promotion of positive digital citizenship, we reduce incidents of cyberbullying and through our awareness and counseling services we enable victims and their families to regain control of their lives.


Our mission is a simple one; we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy being part of the new connected online world. Regular and productive use of the Internet has become essential to a healthy social and personal development.


  • Organizing Awareness seminar in Educational Institutions all across Pakistan about Cyberbullying Awareness, Safe Use of Internet, Digital Identity Management and Digital Citizenship.
  • Helping parents in the digital parenting to assure the safer use of Internet by their children.
  • Assisting teachers and academic administration to design behavior policies for their institutions.
  • Counseling the victims and their parents about best possible to revert the damage of Online Abuse.

Cyberbullying Pakistan committed to helping everyone realize their true potential by supporting those that are bullied online, changing the behavior of the bullies themselves and through education – preparing this and further generations for a safe and positive digital future.