Cyberbullying vs Bullying

Why is it difficult to Control Cyberbullying?

Assume a classroom, a student writes “Haseeb is a fat ugly guy”  and passes it on. Everyone reads, laughs and pass it on to other students. Ultimately, the teacher notices it. She snatches, tears it apart and punishes the student. Problem solved. Assume a similar situation but a different medium, Facebook. A student posts the […]

CHEEB and CPLC Sindh Join Hands to Fight Cyberbullying in Sindh

Our team met controller of Citizen Police Laison Committee Sindh and discussed rising issue of Cyberbullying in Pakistan. CPLC team was very inspired by the work we have done on awareness of Cyber Bullying all across Pakistan. CHEEB team agreed on data sharing with CPLC about the reports they receive related to Cyber Crime and […]

Seminar with Sindh Rangers

Safe Use of Internet – Workshop with Sindh Rangers

We are thankful to Sindh Rangers for allowing to do the workshop with their Officers and Clerical staff on the Safe Use of Internet. It was a very interactive session with them Our team not only discussed the safe use of Internet being a citizen but also how it is important for the Country’s security. Want to […]

Cyberbullying Awareness Seminar in University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffarabad

With the efforts of CHEEB team and help of University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Muzaffarabad, we organized a 2-hour seminar on “Cyberbullying and Cyberharassment Awareness”. This seminar was primarily for the females students of the different departments. At the end of the seminar, there was a meeting of CHEEB team with Director of Student […]

Muslim Model Public Higher Secondary School - Liaquatpur

Workshop on Cyberbullying in Muslim Model Public school Liaquatpur

Muslim Model Public Higher Secondary School is one of the most prestigious institutions in Liaquatpur – A city in Southern Punjab. This workshop was arranged separately for male students, female students and faculty of the institution. The administration demonstrated keen interest in arranging these sessions in future also.  

Cyberbullying GCT Abbottabaad

Seminar on Safe Use of Internet in Government College Of Technology, Abbottabad

CHEEB organized a seminar and workshop in Government College of Technology Abbottabad on “Safe Use of Internet”. In two sessions of two hours each, we trained around 400 students of the institution about the safety measures of Internet usages and how to deliver this information to rest of the community.     The response of […]

Journalist accused of Sexually Harassing the Female Freelance Writer

A freelance writer, married and mother of three, Amira Hashim alleged senior journalist Wajahat Kazmi  with sexual harassment in her recent blog on Express Tribune. Alleged Journalist appointed work to write article for his website/s and handle his social media accounts for a month. According to the Amira, she accepted the work because he was a reputed journalist who have worked […]

Nighat Dad launched first Female Cyber Harassment Helpline in Pakistan under the Banner of DRF

Nighat dad is a Pakistan’s cyber activist and a lawyer. She founded a non-profit organization ” Digital Rights Foundation” in 2015. Her organization is working on the free and safe use of Internet globally and especially in Pakistan. She is fighting against the Online Harassment of females in Pakistan. Recently her organization launched the first […]

IEEE Cyber Crime Seminar -

Workshop on “Introduction Cyber Crimes and Control” By IEEE in COMSATS Abbottabad with Wah Engineering College

IEEE Student Branch COMSATS Institute of Information Technology with the collaboration of  IEEE Wah Engineering College and University organized an event on “Introduction of Cyber Crimes and Control”. The agenda of this event was to discussing how the Cyber Criminals are using common internet users as stepping stones of their attacks. Attendees were given the […]

Cyber bullying seminar

Cyberbullying Awareness Seminar in Bacha Khan Public School Pabbi, District Nowshera

One of our dedicated team member Mr. Muhammad Bilal Khan organized a Cyberbullying and Cyberharassment awareness seminar in the Bacha Khan Public School, Pabbi, District Nowshera. The basic purpose and objective of session was the awareness of netiquettes for the safe use of Internet. According to Mr. Bilal, Students were very interested to discuss that […]