Cyberbullying vs Bullying

Assume a classroom, a student writes “Haseeb is a fat ugly guy”  and passes it on. Everyone reads, laughs and pass it on to other students. Ultimately, the teacher notices it. She snatches, tears it apart and punishes the student. Problem solved.

Assume a similar situation but a different medium, Facebook. A student posts the same as status, everyone reads, likes, comments, and shares.

What Makes Cyberbullying Difficult to Control?

Above, we have two similar stories of bullying but done on different mediums. One is bullying and other is cyberbullying. Following thinks makes cyberbullying more difficult as compared to bullying,


As you read in the first example, teacher tears the note a part. In cyberbullying which is mostly done social media. No one is there to delete that post except the user itself. Facebook and other social media platforms rarely respond the reports against such complaints because these are too many and not much serious for them.


The Internet is fast, so does the bullying on the internet. Whenever you post something on social media, Altogether it is sent to all of your friends/followers. Not just it got posted on your timeline/profile but also appear in the newsfeed of all the people in your list.


Cyberbullying is not among the 20 or 30 students of a class. A person can have thousands of friends and followers on social media. Whenever bully shares something it not only appears to his/her friends but to the friends of those who respond to it, according to the privacy settings.


It’s too easy for the bully to hide his/her original identity by making the fake profile. Latest available tools like VPN and proxies makes it difficult for law enforcement agencies to reach the bully. Most of the time, in Cyberbullying, the victim has no idea who is bullying him/her.

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