Cyberbullying is harassing, threatening and intimidating someone using ICT. It is done frequently due to imbalance of power between two parties. It involves the use of Digital Communication devices and mediums like Mobiles, Websites, Chattrooms, Social Networks, Blogs and Instant Messages etc. It usually involves the repeated Harassment so victim may not get its self out of it. It also involves the power imbalance but in some cases this power imbalance is created by the bully using different tactics.

Cyberstalking is bit different from Cyberbullying in which both are kids – the victim and the bully as well. But if any adult involves in it, it is called Cyberstalking. The adults try to lure children in the offline meetings, called sexual exploitation. These people are called the Sexual Predators.

Types of Cyberbullying

On the basis of technique used and people which are involved in this technique, cyberbullying can be classified into following types:

1- Flaming

When the fight starts between two people and spread like flames involving other member of the society, called the flaming. Most of time it is too much aggressive to be stopped

2- Harassment

Continuously sending cruel, hateful and threatening messages or posting on social media to humiliate or intimidate the victim the victim, called harassment.

3- Denigration

Its about ruining the repute of someone by posting fake reports, gossips or rumors. Sometimes the seeks to destroy the relationship and friendships of the victim.

4- Impersonation

Setting up fake profiles or webpages to post embarrassing information on it. It can also involve hacking into someone account.

5- Outing and Trickery

Tricking victim that you are someone else using fake profile to get victim’s personal information and disclose it publicly.

6- Exclusion

Removing or blocking someone on any famous online community or group.

How it is More Dangerous than Face to Face Bullying

Suppose, in a classroom a kid writes on a piece of paper “Haseeb is a fat ugly guy”, pass it on to friends, everyone look at haseeb and laughs. This paper containing that bully-text circulates in whole class. The paper finally reaches the teacher, who then tears it up. The bullying stops their.

On the other hand in a group on a social networking website, a photoshoped picture of haseeb with caption “Haseeb is a fat ugly guy” is posted. Fellows there will like it, post filthy comments on it and share it on their timelines also. Soon this will be circulated to different other social networking websites. Honestly no social network bothers to review every “report” request on the content and the bullying goes on. This is cyberbullying is more dangerous than conventional bullying.

A real life story

14 Years old girl, named Ayesha, belonged to a middle class family in Karachi. She was a very good student and position holder. She was very obedient to her parents also.One day, she was introduced to a boy 24 years old by her school fellow. After second meeting they shared their phones numbers and started texting. Eventually became very close to each other. She started going out with him. One day, he took her to his place where they were alone. They watched porn and he made her to do sexual acts with him and filmed the whole. He then started using the video to blackmail her and forced her to come to his house again. This time he invited his friends. This was repeated for 3 years. After that the girl contacted a media person and narrated the whole story in a live show without disclosing herself. Authorities mishandled the case and video got leaked. Ayesha committed suicide.

Disclaimer: The names used in this story do not represent any person living or dead.