Cyber bullying is referred to any act that is done by one person or a group of people towards another person over technological tools. It can be in the form of sending texting messages, e-mails or using the social media websites such the Facebook and Twitter.

By the end of 2016, Pakistan going to have the 40 million smartphone users. These numbers can grow exponentially due to 3G and 4G services in Pakistan. Pakistan is now in the list of Fastest growing Country with Internet users. With the increase in the use of the technology, this is also opening the doors for cyber predators to bully the innocent people around them. We have formulated a Cyber Law in Pakistan but this doesn’t seem to be enough to tackle this issue. Because the Internet is so huge to trace a criminal in it and sometimes the predator is unaware that its Facebook status or Tweet is hurting someone.

Cyber Bullying in Pakistan
Mumtaz have no idea how much he is hurting the feelings of NadiaFake Photo

Mostly the girls are the victims of Cyber Bullying in Pakistan and the primary predators are their female colleagues and ex-friends.

Being subjected to some kind of verbal or physical or even social disturbance is not something that should be accepted nor is it something normal that happen for every person his/her lifetime,  yet it is some form that might cause any person to feel threatened, powerless or not among its community.

The major reason of Cyber bullying in Pakistan is lack of awareness due to illiteracy of the guardians. Parents are not aware that what kind of affects Technology can have on their children. Blackmailing, Cyber bullying and sexual abuse are the biggest contributing factors in the increasing rate of Teenage suicide in Pakistan.

The young teenager from the 60s was spending some time of the day in physical exercise. He or she would have good chances of having an involved and committed teacher who would also be a mentor. In addition, parents, too, were spending more time with them and life was generally simpler. On the other hand, the teenager of today is expected to excel in studies and study at a school which the parents can feel proud of, should also look and be popular with all the kids at school, should have more on Facebook than the rest.

In this scenario, where the attitude of the parents and some negligence, leading to the increased and unchecked use of Internet and technology leads to more vulnerabilities among the teenagers.  The right way to tackle the Cyber bullying in Pakistan is through Prevention which can be only done through collective and coordinated planning by the parents, mentors, teachers and children by themselves.

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